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Urbanization #003, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


Urbanization comprises photographs I made following the route along the Los Angeles River and consider what it gave birth to since its discovery in 1769.
Aqueducts #003, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


The Aqueducts series depicts major lifelines created to sustain the ever-increasing number of inhabitants in the semi-arid region of Southern California.
Agriculture #012, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


The Agriculture series follows the water chain within the farming industry that has been a mainstay of the economy in California since the settlers first arrived.
Beef #001, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


This series of photographic images profiles the California Beef industry and is offered up to the viewer as an entree into one of the basic food groups.
Oil #001, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


The photographs depict the transfigured landscapes that host some of the extraction and production facilities of the oil and natural gas industry.
Mining #006, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014


This series features active, reclaimed and abandoned mines and their saturated and seductive aesthetics that often mask toxic agents associated with mining.
Owens Lake #014, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014

Owens Lake

This series comprises images of a natural terminus, known as the Owens Lake, on whose Eastern shores still sits the little soda processing town of Keeler.
A Tale Of Two Cities #011, Mulholland's Gold, 2011-2014

A Tale of Two Cities

This is the final installment of the Mulholland's Gold project, which looks at two cities, Palm Springs and Salton City, that compete for water from the Colorado River.
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